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TWINS:  Bottle Feeding

Typically, feeding on demand is generally the best thing to do when feeding a baby, thus it is not practical with multiples.  Once you have learned about feeding both babies at the same time, it will become more relaxing for you and for the babies.  It is crucial to have all your equipment readily available, including bottles, pillows, pacifiers, cloths, baby wipes and blankets.    Keep a schedule and set the room or the space for when time comes you are ready for your babies. The babies should not take more than  thirty minutes to drink their bottles. 

Some techniques that will simplify this moment are:


  • Place both babies in their rockers or use two pillows while you hold their bottles. Sit on the floor with both legs crossed over and place the babies over each leg, facing your torso, their feet pointing toward you. Use your thighs as armrests while you feed the babies, holding one bottle in each hand. 

  • Sit in an armchair and place your elbow on it. Place both babies on your lap with their heads supported by the arm you prop on the arm rest.  Lean one baby?s bottle against your chest, and hold the other bottle in your free hand. 

  • Lean back with good back support for you and hold babies in your lap ( preferably with your legs open to offer support to their bodies if they slip to any of the sides), their heads resting on your chest and belly.  Hold bottles in each hand.

  • If you have a partner to help you, USE IT NOW.  It is wonderful to have your spouse help you through this moment.

What to do to keep the feeding process easy?


  • Avoid waiting up to when the babies are very hungry, they will cry as they might get desperate in hunger causing a great deal of stress for the parents.

  • Keep a good record of the meal times, so you will not skip schedule and fall into this parent trap.

  • Prepare bottles 15 minutes before scheduled time, if babies are not eating within 30 minutes you can always place the bottles in the refrigerator to avoid decomposition.

  • If you are caught into this situation, focus on placing the babies in the right position and KEEP CALM, sing, place soft music, talk to babies or sooth them by touching and caressing.

  • Keep a pacifier close, as it may be very handy at these moments.

  • Do not forget to burp your babies once or twice while you are feeding them and again at the end of the feeding.  If you see your baby still uncomfortable, try to burp it one more time, gently pat their back until baby is relaxed again.

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