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  • Is the information on this site reliable?
    The information that you have access to through our site is information we have gathered from public domain or our own, with the solely purpose of making it accessible to our readers to bring a better knowledge on children development and family matters. We update the information as fast as we can.
  • Why can't I access the link for an online event?
    Our online events are showcased for our readers to know what is or will be available to them. They are open to you as a specific date that will be published. You can become a member of our site to receive the latest online event lists, other information and cool promo.
  • Contacting our Contributors?
    To contact our contributors, use the email that each of our wonderful people has on their bio. Please note that our contributors are very committed to our readers but are very busy with their private sessions and their time. They will get back to you as soon as they are able to provide a resourceful answer to your input.
  • How to participate in any of our online events?
    Select the online event you are interested to participate and follow the system instructions to get your access. You can always contact us should you need any help.
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