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Obesity in Children

Some points to take in consideration:


· It is important that you reassure your child the progress that’s been done.  


·   When exercising, take in consideration that a child’s physical and physiological needs are very different from those of the adults.


·  Make your child’s activity plan a as fun as possible. 


· If your child likes the outdoor, then provide activities like biking, walking, swimming or playing any sport like soccer, baseball or basketball.


· A non-competitive atmosphere is a must, as this will only focus your child into winning, rather than achieving its personal goals for physical improvement.


· Obese children tend to be stronger than non-overweight children, so focus on strength-training to give them a sense of accomplishment. 


· Cardio training is harder for overweight children.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, more than 17% of children ages 2 to 19 were overweight in 2003 and 2004 and their numbers, already into millions, continue to rise every year.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service blame the unhealthy and costly epidemic on Americans’ sedentary lifestyle.  This agency found a lack of physical activity and hours spent watching TV, playing video games or sitting in front of a computer combined with unhealthy habits are generally the cause for overweight and obesity in our families, as children, generally, will copy their parents’ healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.


What to do???


  • We need to review the child’s overall health.


  • If you are unsure about your child’s healthy weight, talk to your pediatrician.  The Doctor will use a body mass index (BMI) growth chart to assess whether a child is overweight and rule out medical problems.


  • If your child is overweight, he or she probably knows it, and needs your support.


  • Let your child know that she or he is loved and appreciated whatever the weight she or he is carrying.


What your child needs 


   *  Three meals throughout the day.


  *  Healthy snacks between meals.


  *  Regular exercise.



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