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  • An easy and great way to ensure that your child eats healthy is to stock the refrigerator with healthy options: fat free or low fat milk and yogurts, fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Avoid soft drinks, snacks high in sugar or fat.


  • Avoid foods low in essential nutrients or vitamins.


  • Avoid adding sugar as mostly all we eat is converted into sugars. 


  • If you can’t avoid soft drinks at all, go for the sugar free options.  Replace juices for the real fruit whenever it is possible.  Choose whole grain instead of white or plain.

Common Mistakes


  • Many adults offer children food as a reward or withhold it to punish them.    This gives food more power and as children grow older they will turn to food when they feel stressed or emotional.


  • Forcing children to “eat all in their plates” is also counterproductive, because it doesn’t allow them to learn to stop eating when they are satisfied.


  • Dad’s or Mom’s warning to “eat your veggies or no desert” may be well intended, but often leads to a veggie aversion.  Experts suggest that when a child is offered a same food (like broccoli for example), they will eventually eat it.  DO NOT FORCE YOUR CHILD TO EAT SOMETHING THAT IT IS NOT WANTED!!!


  •  Sharing a meal as a family is good for your child as sharing a variety of foods at the dinner table brings the family colder and it is a very important aspect of children development.


  • Skipping breakfast is not a smart choice for your child.  This first meal of the day will provide the energy for your child’s brain to work properly throughout the day.

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