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Sra. Lynn Rivera

MBA Experto en Desarrollo Infantil y Gestión del Cuidado Infantil

Ms. Lynn Rivera is the CEO of Nanny Group International LLC, a company dedicated to family and children needs. She is an expert in International Accounting, Budgeting and Marketing in Business Administration and also a pilar in Children Development and Childcare Management. Her contribution to childhood for more than 20 years through her dedicated work, has deliver relief and gratitud among the many international families that she has helped. Her ability in matching nannies and babysitters to thousands of families makes her the family needs guru and a walking manual for understanding children through their development and their nonstop changing needs. As a mother of two grown ups now, Lynn is a philanthropist and a dedicated contributor to animal well-being and rescuer who has speciliazed her childhood expertise career in multiples and children with special needs. She is the creator of unique programs for the tourism industry in Puerto Rico through Federal Funding and local governmental efforts to establish secure family support programs for visitors and locals, and a fierceful advocate of safety measures for parents and children nationwide.

Sra. Lynn Rivera

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