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  • 15 ways to say “I LOVE YOU” to children


  • Say and show that you LOVE them. Say I TRUST YOU!

  • When speaking, look into their eyes.

  • TALK to your child in the most lovable and respectful manner.

  • Develop TRUST channels.

  • STOP doing what you are doing and LISTEN.

  • ASK: How can I help you?

  • Set aside time to SHARE.

  • Talk with the TRUTH.

  • Be FAIR; equality with all your children, they are all SPECIAL.

  • Say “I AM SORRY” and APOLOGIZE when wrongdoing.

  • ACKNOWLEDGE their feelings.  Let practice that again: ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR FEELINGS.

  • Be an EXAMPLE of responsibility.

  • HUG them frequently, no reason required, it is only LOVE.

  • Wish a “Good Day” when they are going to school, practice, work, etc.

  • Be sure that the last words every night are “I LOVE YOU”. 

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