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  1. RELAX. STOP for a moment. SIT and calm down.

  2. Breath-in deeply at least five times. Inhale; exhale slowly VERY SLOWLY.

  3. Count to 10 or better to 20.  Recite the alphabet out loud.

  4. Make a call to a friend or relative and do your best to enjoy the conversation.

  5. STILL ANGRY? Hit a pillow. Or bite a fruit like apples, pear or nectarines.

  6. Look through a magazine, a newspaper, a photo album...check your email.

  7. Exercise.  Jog. Grab your bike or skates…even play the stereo and dance.

  8. Write down your thoughts, the things that bother you and also what makes you happy.

  9. Take a hot bath or cold shower.

  10. Lie down on the floor or elevate your feet, perhaps rest them on a pillow.

  11. Listen to the radio or your player with your favorite band or singer.  Any thing that really makes you happy and peppy. ( AVOID AGRESSIVNESS)

  12. Water your plants…that is a very relaxing activity.

  13. If you like to cook fix a nice meal, go to your porch and sit in your favorite chair and count the cars passing by.

  14. If the children are all over you, explain that you are not feeling well and to be cooperative, that means to play in their rooms or watch some TV.

  15. If that is simply impossible and you are the only adult in your house, performing these suggestions is a little bit difficult,  grab the kids, buckle them in the back of the car, play your favorite music and go for a short slow ride around the block or to a nearby shopping mall, perhaps buy some ice cream at the next gas station.

When all your daily issues stack together like heavy bricks, DO NOT blame it on your children; just try the following:

Avoid Anger

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